About Venice Sugar Company

Venice Sugar Company is a holistic Sugaring and Wellness studio founded in Venice Beach, CA. We specialize in the art of Body Sugaring offering a variety of hair removal services specializing in the Brazilian Bikini. Venice Sugar Company is committed to providing high quality service that meets the needs and expectations of each and every client.

Cameron Butler

Cameron is the owner of Venice Sugar Company and is a licensed Esthetician. She’s worked in the beauty and wellness industry for many years and believes in the mind/body/spirit/beauty connection. Having an entrepreneurial spirit she wanted to create something sustainable for herself and then happened along Body Sugaring. She fell in love with it’s simplicity and environmentally friendly nature. She received training and certification from Alexandria Professional, Sweet Professional, Sugar of the Nile and Sugar Plum. Cameron is passionate about natural and effective skin care and is excited to share what she’s learned with her clients.